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"Dalek" or "Rise of the Cybermen"?


as much as i love rise of the cybermen .. and getting our first look at pete’s world and all that .. i’m gonna go with dalek on this one 

this episode is just the one we truly see the anger and rage of the doctor towards his greatest enemy … his desperation and his hate and his absolute disgust at these creatures who have caused him so much pain

not only that but we also realize that these are the same things he feels towards himself .. that he is nothing better than the monsters he faces .. that he is the biggest monster in the universe and no matter how hard he tries to run from his past, it will always come back to haunt him

it is also the episode where we see how much nine cares for rose .. his vulnerability and his absolute love for her

but the most heart wrenching thing is to see our strong brave doctor break down in front of his greatest enemy because a brave girl wouldn’t let him become the monster he thought he was

dalek is one of those episodes you appreciate because of the gorgeous character development we get. it is at times in your face and at other times so subtle you wouldn’t even realize it is happening .. but the greatest thing about it is how we finally realize how much the doctor needs someone there to always remind him that no matter how broken and alone he believes he is, he isn’t because there is always someone out there willing to hold his hand


Let your powers shine.


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If you can’t like Captain America anymore because he’s black, there’s a word for that.


The Legend of Zelda: 1986 - 2015, NES - Wii U


Vs Team Flare Grunts


this scene looks even more pathetic in 3D